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 Meropis Art - School Of Jewellery

Helps You Get The Skills You Need

 To Create A Business And A life You Love.


I believe that everyone on this planet must pursuit their dreams and follow their path to find real happiness. I know that  learning new skills is many times time consuming and overwelming  especially when you have a 9:00 t0 5:00 job, a family and home to look after, as well as kids on a 24/7 basis.


Our courses are designed having in mind people just like you, are comprehensive and packed with lots of information. In one day, WITH NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE, you can create up to three silver pieces, or two silver rings.


And, if you attend our intensive course ( 5 days ), you will be ready to start your own jewellery making business.


We have a set schedule for our classes but we are also ready to teach you whenever is more convenient to you; you only have to send us your special request.



All grateful and proud as I can be, because I was trained to the highest level with some of the world’s leading metal clay artists and instructors. This also inspired me to achieve recognition and be honored with a number of prizes as part of international competitions:


  • Second Prize, ACWUK Guild Annual Conference, Jersey Island, 2009

  • First Prize, ACWUK Guild Annual Conference, York, 2010

  • Third Prize, 1st European Artclay Festival Competition, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011

  •  Second prize, 2nd European Artclay Competition, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012.


Also, I am a contributing artist to the MetalClay Today magazine.


One of my New Mokume Gane pieces was featured in  the Japan Silver Accessories Booklet 2013 and was exhibited in  Tokyo


Furthermore, I am a certified Art Clay Senior Instructor since 2008  and  a New Mokume Gane Certified Instructor since 2012, one of few currently in Europe.


As instructor, I teach various classes from beginners to masterclass level.  My latest masterclass was held last October (2014) in Amsterdam.  Two groups of very talented metal clay artists participated in my box ring masterclass and I have to say, the results were amazing

I am teaching  basic to certification metal clay classes, and mixed media courses in my workshop in Nicosia - Cyprus since 2009. People from my Island as well  people from other countries traveled to attended my courses.


Here's what  some of my students who attended my courses say:















































My journey started back in 1963. I was born in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean, where I live with my husband, my two sons and my two furry babies. 


It took me some time but eventually, I realized that I was no different from many other artists.  I was struggling in my daily routine in a job that I didn’t really like, a work environment I didn’t want to be part of but I had to tolerate, in order to survive and be able to put some bread on my family’s table. The truth is that I had all the support and love from my husband but this was not enough.  Something seemed to be missing from my life.


In 2005, the Universe heard my prayers. I was looking as usual, for something creative when a good friend of mine recommended to me a hobby store that was organizing jewellery making courses.


I took a course for beaded jewelry and all of a sudden, a whole new world appeared right in front of my eyes.  Being a person that was always searching for creative activities and a person that never gives up, I kept searching my new world for new techniques and new materials.  Completely by accident, I ‘discovered’ metal clay, the most fantastic material I ever came across.  From that very moment, I became addicted to it knowing that, at last, I found what I was looking for all my life.


Without a second thought, I gave up my full time job in 2008 and I started my small creative business: Meropi’s Art.   Since then, I have been working hard to pass on my passion and knowledge to new artists and thus, help them start their own creative business.  Like me, they could quit their boring  jobs when their individual time is right and find their own path to true happiness through creation

Henriette Van Battum

Netherlands - October 2014

<< Meropi, you’re a wonderful and talented artist and I really like to thank you for all your support during the Box Ring masterclass. Proud to be your friend! >>

Tess Furtado

Canada - May 2014

<<Meropi's beginners workshop is worth the price. She is exquisite at her craft & it is truly a joy to participate in designing as well as creating a piece of wearable art. I really enjoyed connecting & sharing stories with another individual who is so inspired with everything around them. Also, she answered all of my questions (even if they had nothing to do with art clay) I felt as if I left with the desire to learn more...


I will definitely be coming back & perusing art clay as a hobby & maybe even

a business adventure one day.


 I can't say thank you enough, Meropi! See you soon. >>

Tzina Charalambous

Larnaca - Cyprus - 2014

<< My teacher who became my friend immediately, taught me so much from the beginning that I literally wanted to live at her workshop. She always gives her full attention to my work even if sometimes I had the craziest ideas, for me that is, for she has tried every trick she imagines.


With her technique, supportive and creative way of teaching I am now the proud owner of silver jewelry which always draws attention. Everybody always asks me where I bought it from or who made it from me. So I proudly answer that I have the greatest teacher with loads of patience who taught me to make it from scratch. I believe that I can never stop learning from Meropi, so I am looking forward to my next level of sessions.Thanks >>


Sofana Benyahia

Marocco - June 2013

<< Caring, friendly and welcoming, she is very generous when she explains every step you have to follow. I learned in one day that I could learn for a week. Thank you so much >>

Nedi Thoma

Nicosia - Cyprus - 2013

<< Dear Meropi, the 34 weekly sessions that I attended with you was really productive and above all we had a lot of fun. You have the gift to transmit your passion for metal clay to your students. For me it was a relaxing break from my daily routine.Thanks. >>

Maria Parmaxi

Limassol - Cyprus - February 2012

<<Thank you for an amazing day. I had so much fun ''playing'' with silver clay!


Meropi was really helpfull and fun to be around. The best part was wearing my necklace, knowing that it's unique and being able to tell everyone that I did it!! Fantastic experience from the first minute until the last second! >>

Vicky Paschali

Nicosia - Cyprus - February 2011

 << Dear Meropi, thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday: I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a very good trainer, you enjoy what you do and you do it with all your heart and you gladly share your Knowledge and experience.>>

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I'M Meropi.

An artist, a teacher, and a Metal Clay Addict.

I am also the founder of MeropisArt School of jewelry, and if you ask your self:

  • " How can I learn new Jewellery Making skills and create Jewellery in no time? 

  • " How can I create Masterpieces like a pro without spending a fortune on equipment and expensive      trainings? "

  • " How can I start my online business selling my jewellery? "

  • " How can I price my work profitably? "

  • " How can I set up my studio with a low budget? 

  • "How can I start teaching Jewellery making classes?"

Photo credit : Oscar Rose

Meropi Toumbas with the Japanese Master Instructor Ryota Mitsuhashi - Prague 2011

My commitment is to continue working and developing myself and my skills;  to spread the message to more and more people about the most wonderful environmental material one can work with; and, to expand this small business outside the boundaries of my Island.  At the same time, it is my objective to help new entrepreneurs to achieve their artistic goals. This is my why and why I am doing what I am doing !!!!



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