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As a metal clay artist for more than a decade, I made hundreds of rings, my favourite jewelry. My biggest challenge all this time, was to achieve the right ring size given that metal clay shrinks. Through trial and error and lot of sweat I have created my own way how to make a ring.


I suggest you read my post about the correct measuring of your own or your customers' finger before you start c...

 I know from first hand the frustration you feel when you receive an email from a customer saying:

"I received my ring today, I love it, but it is too small or it is too big ....."


Sizing rings can be a tricky business – especially when working across the internet.. 


In this post I will share with you my 4 top tips for guiding your customers to give you the perfect ring sizing:


1. Firstly...


Every Metal Clay Artist has her/his own ways to handle Metal Clay and create their work.

Here I will share with you my own way.

Once unpacked, metal clay is susceptible to the air and must be kept moist in order to retain its pliability and workability.  Keeping this in mind,  I always have a clear picture of what I want to create before I start working with the clay.  I gather all the tools I will...

This is the fun part working with Metal Clay. You can use almost anything around you to texture your clay like:


  • Fabrics with a special weave 

  • Lace (one of my favorites)

  • Leather

  • Buttons with lovely textures

  •  Sea shells, sea urchins, starfish

  • Leaves, twigs

  • Textured cardboards

  • Wall papers

  • Kids toys

  • Old cutlery have really nice textures

  • Readymade t...

After you roll and stamp your clay, it is time to cut the shape you like.


There are a lot of different ways to cut shapes on your clay pieces. The easiest way is to use readymade cutters, the ones we use for cookies which you can find in hobby stores or in shops selling kitchen tools.


Templates with different shapes are also useful and you can buy them from hobby or book stores. You can place the...

Once you texture your clay and cut your piece, it is time to dry it. You can dry it flat or you can give it a shape you like. There are a lot of different ways to do that, again you need to use your imagination.


For flat pieces, just put them flat on a heated surface.  Tip:  put over the piece you want to dry flat, a small tile or a small piece of glass in order to prevent the edges from wrapping....

For the success of your projects it is essential to learn when and how to dry your pieces.

Firstly, form you piece with your wet clay.

If you want your piece to dry completely flat,  put it on a hot plate and place a small tile or a small piece of glass over it.

If you want a shape other than flat, you can dry it on a bulb, on a glass, or on a polymer clay core.  In this case, you can use your hair d...

Make sure that the pieces you're going to attach to each other are completely dry, otherwise you are increasing the risk to break them.


If there are edges that need refining, do it before attaching your pieces.


When your pieces are ready, apply water with  a wet brush on the parts you're going to join together. Using your syringe, extrude some clay on one of the pieces on the wet part,  and t...

When refining a piece, the golden rule to follow is the 80-20:  80% of the work must be done at the green stage before firing and only 20% on the fired piece.


Metal clay does not melt or become smoother during firing unless you overheat it.  Therefore, any dents, scratches, imperfections or whatever else you see on the unfired piece, it will also show later, after the firing. It is...

When the clay is bone dry, at the green stage,  a little more pressure on the piece can easily break it. This kind of 'accidents' can be fixed!

Wet the two broken parts with your paint brush on the broken edges and add some clay with your syringe or some thick paste with a paint brush or clay shaper. Attach the two pieces and try to remove any excess clay. Leave it to dry. Sand carefully the seam....

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<< Caring, friendly and welcoming, she is very generous when she explains every step you have to follow. I learned in one day that I could learn for a week. Thank you so much >>


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