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What is Silver Metal Clay ?


Silver Metal Clay is an incredibly versatile material to work with.


It's a recycled NON TOXIC environmental material composed of pure silver molecules mixed with a non-toxic organic substance and water. It comes in the form of soft clay that provides the user with the ability to form it into jewellery and/or other items/artifacts much faster and easier compared to traditional silversmithing techniques.  When clay items are fired, the organic substance burns out, the water evaporates and what we end up with, is pure silver.  


Apart from silver clay one can find gold, copper, bronze and platinum clays.


PMC (Precious Metal Clay) was the first clay brand that was marketed by Mitsubishi.  About a decade later, a second Japanese company, AIDA Chemical Industries entered the market with its own brand name: Art Clay.


This environmentally friendly material has inspired and enthused traditional silversmiths and other artists as in just one day, even a novice can learn how to use the material and start creating  impressive pieces.


It can be combined with natural stones, lab stones, glass, Swarovski gems, enamels, resins, polymer clay....


If you like to learn more about how to use this magical material check our free resources  New to Metal Clay. Also in the market there are a lot of great books for beginners. If you're near we will love to see you in one of our Beginners Courses. 


Metal Clay Cyprus is the official distributor in Cyprus of the brand Art Clay of AIDA Chemical Industries.


The main products are:































Art Clay Silver - 650

Art Clay Silver - 650 can be modeled in the same way as regular water- based clay. Once opened, it is susceptible to the air and must be kept moist in order to retain its pliability and workability. Use water and a paintbrush to moisten any areas of the clay surface that begin to crack while working.


Art Clay Silver -650 is low fire clay. It can be fired with some natural stones, lab created stones, glass and sterling silver. You can fire it with a torch, on a gas stove, or in a Kiln.

Simply texture,shape your piece, dry it on a hot plate and fire it - and you're left with a pure silver piece in you're hand.

Art Clay Silver - 950 Sterling Silver

This is the newest addition to the Art Clay line of metal clay products. 

Art Clay Silver 950 is a material that you can mold just like clay. The silver powder in the clay fuses together/sinters during firing and turns into silver alloy after firing. Art Clay Silver 950 is composed of  metal  powder, organic binder and water. After firing, Art Clay Silver 950 is stronger and has higher hardness (SV 950) when compared to our regular products (Art Clay Silver Series ) Silver purity after firing is 95%, as often used in professional jewelry products. Art Clay Silver 950 can be open fired in a kiln just like regular Art Clay Silver Series.



About 60% stronger than Art Clay fine silver (due to 5% copper content)Hallmark as sterling silver pre-mixed into a smooth, creamy, pliable clay - simple straight forward kiln firing - no carbon needed


Art Clay Silver - Paste Type

The paste can be used as a slip to attach two dry pieces or wet pieces together. You can use it to repair cracks and filling any marks and bumps on your unfinished piece. Also you can add texture on your piece.Paste can be used also to paint on cork clay to create hollow forms, and on leaves, twigs or flower petals.

Art Clay Silver - Syringe Type


Use the syringes clay to decorate your unfired piece. You can add lines, create little bezels to attach lab created stones and also use it as a slip to attach dry or wet pieces together.

Syringe clay also can be used on its own on cork clay to create filigree designs. Very simply create a cork clay piece any shape and extrude lines with the syringe and cover it. Fire it from a cold kiln to 650 C for 30 minutes.

Once your syringe is open always keep it in a container filled with water; also, keep your tips in water to prevent the clay from drying in the tips.

Art Clay Gold 22 Carat

This is the gold version of the clay.

It can be worked the same way as  the silver clay.

Fires for 1 hour at 990°C.

I t has 15% Shrinkage.

Art Clay Gold Paste

Gold Clay Paste is the economical and easy alternative to using the gold clay. It is  gold in a liquid form.

Paint it onto your silver fired piece, let it dry and then fire again the piece. Burnish  and you have a new piece with 22 or 24 carat gold accents.


Art Clay Overlay Paste - 650

Overlay paste is "low fire" silver clay in paste form, formulated specifically to use on glazed porcelain. It is water soluble and fires at temperatures from 650 C to 800 C. After firing at applicable temperature, it will turn into 99% silver form.

This package contains 15 gr of overlay paste. If the paste loses its moisture or dries out, you can add a bit of water to reconstitute it back to its original usable form. Dilute a small amount as needed.

Art Clay Paper Type

The Art Clay Paper is onother form of Art Clay. It has a different consistency, it is completely dry also  it is thin and flexible that's why it can be origami folded, cut with sissors, punched, or layered to create thicker sheets. 

 You can use it to decorate your creations, by cutting different shapes and attach them on top of the dry Art Clay pieces.

Art Clay Copper

Art Clay Copper requires only 30 minute kiln firing and you don't need to use any activated carbon. Small pieces can even be fired by torch.

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What do I need to get started in Metal Clay ?


I have good news for you. You won't need a fortune.


As a begginer you need a small  corner of your kitchen table to start. You can use tools you can find in your kitchen or in your nearest DIY store.


You'll need tools for handling metal clay while it's moist, for refining and constructing the clay after it's dry, and for finishing the metal once it's been fired.

You can get a quick start with one of our kits, that has many of the basics you need. Our tools kits are shown below. 


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