Bangle with a Glass Cabochon

Course Preview
Course Preview
Level of expertise:
For all levels
Duration of the Course :
5 live sessions of 90 min each, and 1 live session of 140min/ total duration: 9 hours and 50 min
Saturday, April, 10 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Saturday, April, 17 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Saturday, April, 24 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Saturday, May, 01 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Saturday, May, 08 : 6:00pm - 8:20pm UTC+2
Saturday, May, 15 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2

Group B - FULL
Wednesday, April, 14 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Wednesday, April, 21 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Wednesday, April, 28 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Wednesday, May, 05 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Wednesday, May, 12 : 6:00pm - 8:20pm UTC+2
Wednesday, May, 19 : 6:00pm - 7:30pm UTC+2
Description of the Course:

The Bangle with a Glass Cabochon course is a live, interactive, online workshop.

It's an intermediate to advance course, given in very small and detailed steps. The steps are made simple for everyone to follow and complete the project successfully. You have the option to create your own bangle exploring your own inspiration, however you should follow and apply the techniques provided.

I will teach the course via Zoom. The presentations will be pre-recorded in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises from using the technology live. The course will be presented in small 'digestible' steps and I will be there for you, to support and help you while you're working, also to answer to all your questions.

The participants can work on their own pace during the session. Also, they will have access to the presented part of the workshop within 24 hours in order to catch up.

Attending this course, will enable you to learn:

-- How to calculate the correct size for the bangle
-- How to create tubes with ArtClay silver 999
-- How to fire them and safely bend them to form the bangle
-- How to attach decorative endings to the tubes
-- How to make a clasp
-- How to turn a glass cabochon into a beautiful bead for the bangle
-- How to add a stone over the stone (glass cabochon)
-- How to fire the glass cabochon safely without any surprises
-- How to make your hinges
-- How to rivet the tubes with the central piece
-- How to solder a part of the clasp

Course participants will have access to download and print notes including:

-- Extra information about the firing at a very high temperature in a pdf file.
-- Notes how to make the bangle, for future reference (not in the form of a complete tutorial)
-- Notes and tables about correct sizing
-- Tools list
-- Materials list
-- Templates sheet

Here is what some people who attended an online interactive course with me say......

​Sulie Girardi
Vienna -  March 2015

​This was the first time that I took a metal clay class using Skype, and I was unsure what the experience would be like. I was not disappointed!

After we agreed upon a time for our first class session, Meropi sent me a list of the materials that I would need for the class, so that I was well prepared and ready to begin.

Although the Box Ring class is very detailed, I was able to clearly see the instructor’s examples and follow her instructions. When I adjusted the camera on my laptop. Meropi could see, evaluate and correct my work, and it was almost like having her in my studio!

I would recommend this method of learning to anyone who is unable to travel to a class.  Meropi is a teacher who is very generous with her time and her knowledge. Even though I never left my house, I learned many new skills that I can use in other projects, and am thrilled with my Box Ring!

Value of the course:
259 Euro
Value of the course including all silver materials needed (ArtClay products discounted by 15%) :
370 Euro (or three monthly instalments of 125 Euro each)
All about Enrollment:

The course will be live and interactive, for a small group of 5 to 6 people max.
Every week we will meet in a Zoom meeting room.
Students should arrive to Zoom 5 min. prior to the class.

Once you enroll:
-- You will receive an email with an invitation from me to participate in the course and instructions how to access the course page on my website, where you will find the tools and materials lists in order to get ready for the course.
-- I will ship to you ( for free ) a small kit with special tools that you will use during the course.

A week before the course starts and from thereon on a weekly basis, I will be uploading on the course page the tools and materials needed for the upcoming session.

After each session, I will be uploading all the presentations for those who need to catch up and work during the week, and for those who may have missed a class.

You can buy:
-- just the course including a free small kit with special tools for the price of 259 Euro.
(You can pay in three monthly instalments of 90 Euro each.)
The Kit includes :
a small wooden bracelet mandrel, value 8 Euro
a hinges tool, value 12 Euro
a small jar with Meropis Magic Silver Paste 3g, value 9 Euro
-- the course, including a free small kit, and packaged with the needed ArtClay and other silver materials for the price of 370 Euro. The materials package is 15% discounted and free shipping.
(You can pay in three monthly instalments of 125 Euro each.)
The materials are :
37g of ArtClay silver
5g of ArtClay syringe
10g ArtClay silver paste
5cm sterling silver wire 0,8mm
10cm sterling silver wire 0,7mm

Once the course starts, you will be added within 24 hours in a private facebook group. In this group, you can meet with other people attending the course, you can ask any questions you may have as well as, show us your progress.

Enrollment is closed