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Bee Ring Course

Bee Ring Course
Level of expertise:
Duration of the Course:
3h and 40 min
Description of the Course:

The course is delivered to you in 6 prerecorded videos.

The Bee Ring is an intermediate to advance course given in very small and detailed steps. The steps are made simple for everyone to follow and complete the project successfully. You have the option to create your own project exploring your own inspiration, however you should follow and apply the techniques provided.

The course is delivered to you in 6 prerecorded videos that you can watch at your own pace. The total duration of the videos is 3 hours and 40 min.

Attending this course, will enable you to learn:

-- How to create your own Bee from scratch. (In the course I do not use any stamps or molds).
-- How to set a fireable stone safely in place.
-- How to flash set fireable stones in place.
-- How to make a setting for a pearl and attach safely the pearl in it.
-- How to put granulation on your work the easy way.
-- How to size correctly the ring in order to achieve the perfect fit.
-- How to create a 3 band ring shank.
-- How to attach the 3 band ring shank on the ring bead.
-- How to create an open syringe work on the sides of your ring shank.
-- How to fire safely your ring.
-- How to reform your ring shank after firing.
-- How to polish and then oxidize part of the ring.

Extra information about the firing at a very high temperature is attached in a pdf file.
Also, a pdf file with templates is attached.

Value of the course:
99 Euro
Value of the course including all ArtClay and silver materials needed discounted by 15% :
154 Euro
All about Enrollment:

You will have access to the course for 3 months.

After the purchase, you have two options on check out:
- you can access the videos right away including the tools and materials lists (if you already have silver clay tools and materials at hand), or
- you can choose when you want your plan to start (so that you have the time to get the needed tools and materials before your plan starts). In this case, you will have access to the tools and materials lists needed within 24 hours.
Also, you can buy just the course for the price of 99 Euro or the course packaged with the needed ArtClay materials (20 gr of ArtClay silver and 5 gr of ArtClay syringe) for the price of 154,25 Euro (including 15% discount on the ArtClay products).

Once you buy the course, you will be added within 24 hours in a private facebook group. In this group, you can meet with other people attending the course, you can ask any questions you may have as well as, show us your progress.

If you're ready to enroll don't wait, press the "Enroll Here" button now

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