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Spinner Ring with Fireable Stone

Spinner Ring with Fireable Stone
Level of expertise
For all levels
Duration of the course
Half Day Zoom Workshop
LIVE Online, December 16th, 4PM- 8.30PM UTC/GMT+2 HOURS
Description of the Course:

The Spinner Ring with a Fireable Stone and two Spinning Bands course is a live, online workshop

It's an intermediate to advance course, given in very small and detailed steps. The steps are made simple for everyone to follow and complete the project successfully. You have the option to create your own Spinner Ring exploring your own inspiration, however you should follow and apply the techniques provided.

I will teach the course via Zoom. The presentations will be pre-recorded in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises from using the technology live. The course will be presented in small 'digestible' steps and I will be there for you, to support and help you while you're working, also to answer to all of your questions.

The participants can work on their own pace during the session. Also, they will have access to the workshop within 24 hours in order to catch up.

In this half day workshop participants will learn through the online course the following skills:

• How to work with metal clay as if it was a solid metal, using some silversmithing techniques
• How to calculate the size of a wide ring band for perfect fit.
• How to make a wide ring band with Artclay Silver 999.
• How to measure and create two thin bands that will spin over the wide band.
• Different techniques to create texture on the wide band.
• How to measure and create two or more thin bands that will spin.
• How to decorate the bands.
• How to place a small fireable stone.
• How to refine the rings.
• How to fire safely the rings.
• How to finish the spinner ring.

Course participants will have access to download and print notes including:

-- Extra information about the firing at a very high temperature in a pdf file.
-- Notes and tables about correct spinner ring sizing
-- Tools list
-- Materials list

Value of the course:
50 Euro
All About Enrollment

Once you enroll:

You will receive an email with an invitation from me to participate in the course and instructions how to access the course page on my website, where you will find a materials list and a tools list in order to get ready for the course

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