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You can choose from the sessions/topics below what you want to learn, or even you can give life with our help to your own designs.( The number in brackets indicates the tentative number of workshops/meetings  required in order to complete the objectives of the particular topic).


  • Metal Clay Taster Class (1)

  • Intermediate Metal Clay (3)

  • Ring Making 1 (1)

  • Ring Making 2 (2)

  • Polymer Clay for beginners ( Introduction) / Polymer Clay and Silver Clay combination project - Riveting technique (3)

  • Copper and Bronze Clay for beginners - Learn mechanisms (3)

  • Bicolor Jewellery: Silver and Copper Combination (2)

  • Introduction to Glass Fusion / Combination of Glass and Silver Clay (2)

  • Introduction to Enameling on Silver Clay (2)

  • Silver Bracelet/ Viking knit / Bracelet Endings, Other Endings (2)

  • Hollow Forms (2)

  • Copper or Bronze Pendant and Bracelet with natural stone (2)

  • Natural Forms in Silver (1)

  • Piece with a Natural Stone (3)

  • Soldering Skills / Ball the pins / Make ear wires / Attach findings on a chain or on a leather cord / Make jump rings (1)

  • Create your own gold plating kit / Gold plating (1)


Here are a few of the skills you can learn through the weekly sessions:


  • How to handle and store the clay 

  • How to roll in an even thickness and how to texture the clay

  • How to cut it in different shapes

  • How to punch holes

  • How to dry and refine your pieces

  • How to add cubic zirconia stones on your pieces

  • How to make a simple molded charm

  • How to fire your pieces with a butane torch

  • How to design a piece and create a place for a natural stone using a bezel wire

  • How to set a natural stone after firing your piece

  • How to make glass cabochons ( basic glass fusing techniques )

  • How to incorporate a glass cabochon in your creation

  • How to use the silver paste to create a replica of a natural leaf

  • How to determine ring sizing correctly

  • How to make a thin ring band decorated with a cz stone

  • How to make a wide textured ring band with cz stones and other embellishments

  • How to utilize a syringe to decorate your work

  • How to set ready made prongs on your rings in order to attach a natural stone; or, set a piece of silver wire to attach a pearl on it

  • How to set stones in the prongs and how to glue safely the pearls

  • How to make a hollow form using cork clay

  • How to make your own textures on foam board and use them to stamp your hollow beads (without cork clay)

  • How to decorate your beads with small elements like replicas of tiny shells, leaves, starfish...




  • How to fire each project  in the kiln with very detailed schedules and notes

  • How to polish your pieces including mirror finish

  • How to oxidize your pieces to give them an antique look

  • How to create your own gold plating kit to gold plate your pieces

  • How to make your own ear wires

  • How to make headpins

  • How to make jump rings

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