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Use syringe clay to decorate your unfired pieces. You can add lines, create little bezels to attach lab created stones and also use it as a slip to attach dry or wet pieces together.
Syringe clay also can be used on its own on cork clay to create filigree designs. Very simply, create a cork clay piece of any shape you like and cover it with lines you extrude with the syringe. Fire it from a cold kiln to 650C for 30 minutes.

Art Clay Silver 650 Syringe - 10 gm - 3 tips

  • This package includes 3 tips:

    Grey tip is for thick lines.
    Green tip is for lines of medium thickness.
    Blue tip is for delicate lines.

    Once your syringe is opened, always keep it dipped in a container filled with water. Also, keep your tips in water to prevent clay from drying.

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