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Art Clay Silver 950 is a material that you can mold just like clay. The silver powder in the clay fuses together/sinters during firing and turns into silver alloy after firing. Art Clay Silver 950 is composed of metal powder, organic binder and water. After firing, Art Clay Silver 950 is stronger and has higher hardness (SV 950) when compared to our regular products (Art Clay Silver Series ). Silver purity after firing is 95%, as often used in professional jewelry products. Art Clay Silver 950 can be open fired in a kiln just like regular Art Clay Silver Series.

25g  (also available in 50g)


About 60% stronger than Art Clay fine silver (due to 5% copper content)
Hallmark as sterling silver
Pre-mixed into a smooth, creamy, pliable clay
Simple straight forward kiln firing - no carbon needed

Art Clay Silver 950 Sterling 25g


    Start with the kiln at room temperature. Place your piece inside the kiln and then slowly ramp up the temperature to 500 ℃/932°F. Hold the temperature at 500 ℃/932°F for 30 minutes. Keep your piece inside the kiln and raise the temperature to 870 ℃/1598°F. Please hold at 870 ℃/1598°F for 60 minutes. Turn off the kiln and gradually cool down the kiln to 200℃/392°F or lower. Letting it cool down all the way to room temperature is also appropriate.

    ● Please use a kiln that has temperature management controls.
    ● Always fire in a ventilated room as smoke and soot may occur during firing.
    ● The surface of the fired piece will be pale gray due to crystallization of silver during firing, but a luster
    can be obtained by polishing. (i.e. Stainless brush, sandpaper, burnisher, a handy micro motor, etc.)
    ● Silver composition of the piece after firing will be 95%


    The ACS950 is approximately 60% stronger than the regular Art Clay silver clay (due to the 5% copper content). The extra strength makes it the ideal choice for designs taking a lot of wear and tear like rings, cuffs, and delicate thin open-ended designs.


    After opening the packet, please use the clay immediately or store appropriately. Store your clay away from direct sunlight. If you want to keep the clay for a long period of time, seal it in plastic wrap and put it inside the refrigerator. This will reduce the chance of oxidation as compared to keeping it at room temperature. (Please do not freeze).


    Art Clay Silver 950 will shrink during firing. With the shrinkage rate approximately at 10 to 13%, please account for this when you create your piece.

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