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New ecofriendly wood clay, can used as a core material to make hollow forms. Make your desired shape and dry it completely. Once wood clay is completely dry you can cover it with Art Clay Silver, Art Clay Syringe or Art Clay Paste. The wood clay will burn out completely, and leave a small amount of ash, which you can just brush, or rinse off. Once opened, wrap up carefully in double layers of clingfilm, put in an air-tight container, keep in room temperature, and it will last for a long, long time.

Wood Clay It's made from the scrap material from pencil production.This wood clay product is replacing our discontinued cork clay. It works in the same way, but it has smaller particles, making it much smoother.

Sculpt and shape it whilst moist, and once dried it goes hard and can be re-shaped using hand files or carved with a Carving tool. The wood clay can also be used to make decorative items which you can paint and keep.

Wood Clay (Mokunensan) 300g

    •  Make sure the clay is fully dried before covering with silver clay products
    • Always fire in a well ventilated room, as it does produce some smoke
    • Wood clay is safe to use, as it creates non-toxic fumes when it burns out.


    Once open, wrap up carefully in double layers of clingfilm, and put in a grip seal bag, keep in room temperature.


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