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The terms and conditions associated with the booking of a course or a class with MeropisArt are given below and all bookings made through our website are bound by these terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes become effective from the moment they are posted on our website.  It is your responsibility to check our terms and conditions when you decide to book a course or a class.  Using our website for your online booking will signify your acceptance of our latest terms and conditions.


Cancellation Policy:


Given the very limited number of places in our groups, we expect that if you are unable to attend for any reason, you will notify us as soon as the problem arises.  For no-shows or if you cannot attend, we regret that we cannot provide any refund or any payment for any relevant costs you may have incurred.


 We reserve the right to deny access to the course or class of anyone who may be or look intoxicated (alcohol, drugs or any other chemical substance) or if the state of the student's physical or psychological conditions lead to the conclusion that if admitted, the person may jeopardise his/her own health or life, or endanger the health or life of other people.  In such case, no refund can be provided.


Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that you posess the skills or experience that may be required for a class or a course that you book, as described in our website.  You will also be responsible for any additional costs associated with the particular course or class as given in the description of the course or in any direct or indirect communication we provide to prospective students.


Further, no refund can be provided for any travel or accommodation or any other relevant costs you may incur if for any reason, you cannot attend a booked course or class or if for any significant reason, you are denied access to the course or class (as described above).


If we have to cancel a class or a course:


In the extreme case that a course or a class needs to be cancelled, we will excel every effort to inform you immediately; in all cases, you will be offered an alternative date as close to the original date as possible or a refund. In such case, we cannot be held responsible for any travel, accommodation or any other relevant costs you may have already incurred.


Booking a place for a class or a course implies full agreement to the terms and conditions outlined above. We reserve our right to change these terms and conditions as necessary, at any time. Any changes will be effective when they are posted on our website and will apply to all bookings done from the time they are posted onwards. Each new booking is governed by the latest posted terms and conditions.

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