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How can I cut Metal Clay in different shapes

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

After you roll and stamp your clay, it is time to cut the shape you like.

There are a lot of different ways to cut shapes on your clay pieces. The easiest way is to use readymade cutters, the ones we use for cookies which you can find in hobby stores or in shops selling kitchen tools.

Templates with different shapes are also useful and you can buy them from hobby or book stores. You can place the template over your rolled clay and with a needle or a tooth pick cut the desired shape.

You can also design your desired shape on a piece of cardboard and then, place it over your clay. With a needle or a toothpick cut following the outline of the cardboard.

Perfume cups or other bottle cups are also really nice cutters.

To cut holes in the clay, you can use different sizes of drinking straws.

Every tool or cutter you're going to use to cut the clay must be lightly oiled before you touch the clay.

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