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Private Tuition






Learn in one day what you could learn in a week


Are you too busy to follow the pace of a group ?


Do you thrive in an intimate, workshop environment,  just you and the tutor who has the knowledge and the insight to accelerate your success?


Do you have any special needs that are not covered in the sheduled workshops?


What Exactly Is Private Tuition? 


It's a full day workshop, ideal for people who want to learn new skills quickly, or who want to improve their existing skills. Imagine how much more you could learn with an expert tutor by your side all day, assisting you, guiding you and encouraging you in every step you make. 


If you checked our courses and you didn't  find what you were looking for, then send us a request with your special needs, and we'll do our best to serve you.


Whom is Private Tuition For


Anyone who believes that knowledge and learning new skills is the best investment ......

Anyone who may rise above the pace of a group and work with passion and determination



But Wait, There's More...


After attending the course you'll:


  • Become a member of our closed facebook group to connect and get supported with other likeminded people

  • Also, you will become eligible to use our Open Studio Facilities every Wednesday afternoon. The use for the first 4 Wednesdays after the course is free.        ( Value: 48 Euro )

Here's what some of my students who spent a day with me say.......

Sofana Benyahia

Marocco - June 2013

<< Caring, friendly and welcoming, she is very generous when she explains every step you have to follow. I learned in one day that I could learn for a week. Thank you so much >>

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The Investment For the Course


Book a whole day with me for only 139 Euro. Please note that materials needed for the day are not included in the price and will vary with the person's needs and interests.  Please read our Terms and Conditions before you book.




Q. How many people will be in the class?

A. The maximum I will accept is 5.


Q. I never in my life designed anything and I feel I'm not handy or able to think and act artistically.

A. I' ll be there for you with feedback, ideas and insights to help you move ahead. My teaching experience will be exclusively focused on you and your efforts.


Q. I will visit your island for holidays but I can't attend any of your scheduled sessions; any chance for me?

A. Yes of course!  Just contact us with the date which is more convenient for you. We'll do our best to fit something during your visit.


Q. I have attended some evening classes but the pace was so slow. Is this course more efficient ?

A. I am glad you're asking this question. I know exactly how it feels; I attended evening silversmithing classes and for two months I was trying to make a ring. In my workshops, I guarantee you that by the end of the very first day you will leave wearing your creations.


Q. I don't own a studio; will I need one to work in after the course ?

A. No prob!! You don't need it! A small corner on your kitchen table is more than enough.


Q. Where can I find tools and supplies after the course to continue practising ?

A. You're in the right place. We can provide you with everything you will need through our shop, all at the best prices.


Q. What is the 'private tuition' ?

A. If you select the private tuition, you're booking the studio and the tutor for the whole day. The course content is not fixed, and will be adjusted to your needs and your level of expertise.


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